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Review: Prophet by Tom Isaacson

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Review: Prophet by Tom Isaacson
There a magical arms race of late. A rapid evolution of the bill change effect that’s based on the well known Patrick Page gimmick. The latest and greatest handling is that by Tom Isaacson. It's a stunning change that happens in the open in the blink of an eye and may very well form the effect's pinnacle.

Fast Cash

Whether you call it Hundy 500 (Gregory Wilson) or Heiny 500 (Karl Hein), five one dollar bills quickly change into five one-hundred dollar bills and then back again. All of the evolutionary versions along the way have been convincing, but with Isaacon's approach, 80% of the change occurs before spectators know it, and then, out in the open and without folding, the bills visually and quickly morph.

Isaacson offers excellent and thorough instructions on making the gimmick and walks you through his handling, step by step. You'll need basic office tools that you probably already have and some rubber cement.

Good Advice

While the effect will take practice to perform well. Isaacson also takes the time to offer advice on where and when to perform the effect, which is valuable advice. After all, you're carrying around $500 in cash and it's important that you choose your audiences.

This is the first time that I've reviewed a Theory 11 DVD and I found the video, editing and presentation to be top notch.

I'll have to supplant my initial praise for "Heiny 500" with Isaacson's "Prophet." Just six months ago I said, "if you could perform real magic, it would look like that in Heiny 500." For now, in my book, "Prophet" supercedes "Heiny 500."

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