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Review of Attack of the Bag by Craig Petty

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Review of Attack of the Bag by Craig Petty
Murphy's Magic
If you're not familiar with the coin bag, it's an unusual looking prop, a bag with velvet along its back and mesh netting in the front so you can vanish and produce coins. Quite frankly, I never gave the coin bag much thought until I saw the intriguing routines by Craig Petty, a fantastic coin worker from the UK.

Chop Bag

This DVD features nine routines with the coin bag and comes with two, high-quality coin bags to use in the routines. The routines are varied and intriguing. If you'd like to investigate something different, you may find it here.

"Chop Bag" closely follows the basic plot of a standard chop cup routine, but with a coin and coin bag. A coin vanishes and is repeatedly found in the coin bag. At the end, you produce a jumbo coin from the bag. This was my favorite routine on the DVD.

Money in the Bank

Murphy's Magic
"Piggy Bank" is a production of three coins from the coin bag. It provides a good introduction to other routines where you will be working with two or three coins. Based on the plot of David Roth’s classic "Portable Hole," in "Coins In Cartoon Motion," you pull coins out and push them into the bag, as if right through the material. Using both coin bags, "Strange Exchange" offers a variation on coins across, and "Recorded Delivery," offers a strong transposition of two marked coins. Quite frankly, I had a difficult time following the plot of "Wild Thing," it's some sort of coin change where half dollars turn into two pound coins. During the performance segment, it was hard to tell what was going on.

Money in the Bag

In the descriptive "Money In The Bag," three coins travel into a coin bag, one by one, and then come back out. In "Scofield Coins," which is named after a character in one of Petty’s favorite television shows, three coins break into the prison, which is represented by the coin bag.

Delving into mentalism, "Multiple Selections" works with ESP symbols. A spectator selects one of five ESP symbols and a coin with the symbol on its back is produced from the coin bag.

Petty offers detailed explanations, but sometimes forgets to tell you which way to lay down the coin bag. The routines vary in difficulty and Petty teaches the basic moves specific to the coin bag that you need to know. Before taking on the material here, you need to have basic coin skills: palms and vanishes.

Bag This One

The two coin bags are well made and should prove to be durable. The bags are also color coded so you can tell which end is which, a big help when performing. One thing I discovered when working with the coin bag is that you don't necessarily need to use a close-up pad. The bags act as buffers as you lay coins on tables.

Perhaps the only downside is trying to explain what a coin bag is to spectators, as they will have never seen such a bag. Petty explains that the bag has been designed with mesh so spectators can always see what's inside. The explanation is good enough for me.

Craig Petty is a brilliant and creative force in coin magic. His "Attack of the Bag" shows off his innovation and skills as a performer.

MSRP: (US) $30

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