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The Five Best Magic Tricks for Kids

Here are the best tricks to buy kids


The Five Best Magic Tricks for Kids

Beginning magicians, particularly young kids, need tricks that are simple, impress their audiences and don’t cost a lot of money. The idea is to provide budding magicians with tricks that they can quickly learn and perform so they can focus on their presentations. And for kids, the fewer the parts the better. Most of the following tricks are available at any magic or joke/novelty store. With this in mind, we present our five best magic tricks for beginners.

1. Ball & Vase
A magic kit staple, this classic is so well known that almost no professional magician performs it. The magician displays a small vase, takes out a ball and places it in her pocket. With a wave of the hand or other incantation, the ball appears back in the vase. And with another incantation, the ball disappears from the vase and reappears in the pocket. There are plastic versions of this trick that may be purchased for a few dollars.

2. Coin Slide
In this classic, a magician displays a thin box with a sliding tray. A coin is placed in a slot in the tray, which is then slid into the box. When the tray is removed, the coin has disappeared. And when the magician slides the tray in again, the coin reappears. This is another trick that is almost never performed by magic professionals and may be purchased for less than a couple of dollars.

3. Svengali Deck
This gimmicked card deck allows a magician to quickly find a selected card. At the end of the trick, it looks as if the entire deck has turned into the selected card. The effect is stunning and easy to learn and perform. Svengali decks may be purchased for anywhere between five and fifteen dollars.

4. Stripper Deck
Another gimmicked deck of cards that allows beginners to quickly find selected cards that have been lost in the deck and perform other effects. Stripper decks may be purchased for anywhere between five and fifteen dollars.

5. Cups & Balls
While professional magicians perform stunning, advanced versions of this magic classic, beginning magicians can purchase simple, pre-packaged versions that result in a mystifying sequence. Compared to the other tricks here, this one requires some time to learn and practice as there is a set sequence, so it's more for older kids. But the results will be satisfying to beginners and their audiences. Inexpensive plastic versions may be purchased for less than five dollars.

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