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Magician Lance Burton


Magician Lance Burton

Burton Leaves Kentucky for LA:

In 1980, shortly after his 20th birthday, Burton wins the "Gold Medal for Excellence" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and moves to Southern California. Bill and Milt Larsen, the founders of the Magic Castle, feature him in their annual "It's Magic" show and land him an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. To date, Burton has appeared on the "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson ten times and appeared five more times with Jay Leno as the host.

Competes and Wins FISM:

In 1982, Burton competes in the Olympics of magic, "F.I.S.M." (Fédération International Society de Magie) in Lausanne, Switzerland and wins the "Grande Prix." Burton was both the first American and the youngest performer to be so honored. Burton accepts an eight-week trial engagement at the "Folies Bergere" in Las Vegas.

Burton Stars at the Hacienda:

In 1991, Burton produced, directed and wrote his own show, which opened at the Hacienda Hotel and played for five years.

The Mantle of Magic:

In 1994, Burton was given the honor of having the "Mantle of Magic" passed to him from Magician Lee Grabel, which allowed him to join "The Royal Dynasty of Magic." This honor, has been passed in an unbroken line beginning from Kellar to Thurston in 1908, to Dante in 1936, to Lee Grabel in 1955 and to Lance Burton.

Monte Carlo Calls:

Also in 1994, Burton entered into a contract to star in, produce and direct a new version of his magic show at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino which opened in 1996. This 13-year contract is the longest legal agreement ever given to any entertainer in Las Vegas history. The $27 million Lance Burton Theatre was built especially for him and designed to his specifications.
Burton has been featured in numerous television specials and starred in four network television specials. He has performed for President Reagan, (during his presidency) and was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, after a Royal Command Performance at London's Palladium Theatre.

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