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Magician Gerry McCambridge


Magician Gerry McCambridge
Gerry McCambridge makes the simple promise to "screw with your mind" and in his Las Vegas show, The Mentalist, which plays at the Hooter's Casino Hotel, he successfully does so.

McCambridge produced and starred in "The Mentalist," a highly-rated 2004 network television special and has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman," "The Today Show" and more. The Psychic Entertainers Association awarded him for "Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Mentalism," and "Mentalist of the Year."

In 2008, McCambridge was presented with a Merlin for "Mentalist of the Year." He was also a regular performer on the 2007 television series, The Phenomenon.

The Start

McCambridge is a native to New York. His father was a detective who specialized in interrogations. McCambridge decided early on that he did not want to work as a magician and chose to pursue the presentation of mentalism. He headlined in comedy clubs in the late eighties. To create a new experience for audiences, he studied acting and comedy.

In addition, McCambridge worked at a psychiatric hospital where he studied psychology and hypnosis. He has also studied memory techniques, body language, linguistics, statistics and non-verbal communication. In his shows, McCambridge claims no psychic powers.

Las Vegas

Shortly after the network television special in 2004, McCambridge signed a three-week contract to appear at the Rampart Casino. His show was voted "Best Lounge Show" that year by the Las Vegas Review Journal. The three-week run was eventually extended to 47 weeks. At that point, he moved his show to the Stardust Casino and performed there until the casino closed.

In 2007, McCambridge moved his show, The Mentalist, to the Hooters Casino Hotel.

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