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Interview with Jay Sankey


Interview with Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey is among the most prolific creators of powerful close-up magic. His many instructional DVDs and videos have provided solid effects for numerous magicians. We had a chance to talk with Sankey about his latest project, “The Sankey/Skutt Sessions,” and about creativity, business and his projects.

Wayne Kawamoto: Please tell me about your latest project, “The Sankey/Skutt Sessions.”

Jay Sankey: Mike [Skutt] and I decided to do this within hours of meeting each other. He's just such a creative guy with a killer sense of humor, we both realized that the project was a natural. The end result is a seriously powerful batch of new effects and some very very funny moments. Response to this project has been great.

WK: Where do you get your inspiration to create new and innovative effects?

JS: I get inspiration from everything. Exercising at the gym, walking in the snow, driving the car, gigging in parties, pretty much everywhere I am and everything I do seems capable of planting a seed in my magic-obsessed mind.

WK: Please tell me about your upcoming projects. What are you excited about these days?

I've got some super exciting projects scheduled to be released in the spring and fall of 06, both DVDs and separate effects. I'm especially psyched about Nailed! It's a two-card transposition but with a big, big difference. It's unlike anything you've ever seen and trust me, it's gonna be huge.

WK: How’s business?

JS: Business is extremely good. Since the global relaunch of SANKEY MAGIC in September of this year, we've been going nuts just trying to keep up with the demand. Having a network of authorized dealers all over the planet has opened a lot of doors and helped us tap into whole new markets. I've busted my butt for years to get to this point and it's really gratifying to see everything "jump to the next level."

WK: Anything else that you would like to say?

JS: Just to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped me and my company get as far as we have.

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