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Magician and Escape Artist Harry Houdini

By present day standards, a magician is a person who employs tricks or illusions - routines and presentations - where supernatural feats seemingly occurs. The goal of a magician is to entertain an audience or group of spectators. A magician can be professional - making money as an entertainer - or an amateur or hobbyist. Magicians are also known as conjurors, prestidigitators and illusionists. Some magicians such as David Copperfield, Lance Burton, David Blaine, Criss Angel and Penn and Teller are very successful and well known among the general public. Perhaps arguably the best known entertainer of all time, was a magician. Harry Houdini, who died way back in the 1920s, is well known to this day.

”Magician” can also refer to a person or character who can accomplish supernatural feats through some unknown power. The use of magician in this context includes: wizards, sorcerers, mages, magi and more.

In Western culture, a person with a high degree of skill is often referred to as a “magician.” For example, “the accountant was a magician with the numbers,” or “The soccer player was a magician out on the field.”

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