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Interview with David Minkin, "Magic Outlaw"


Interview with David Minkin,

David Minkin

David Minkin
David Minkin, along with Chris Korn and Ben Seidman, will star in "Magic Outlaws" which will air on March 10, 2013 from 9-10 pm Eastern time (EST) on the Travel Channel. You can watch a video promo of the show here. "In each episode of Magic Outlaws, we're going to travel the country with our gang of three world class magicians," says a statement from the show. "Like a cross between a classic street magic show, a travel log and "The Hangover," our three incredible magicians will descend on a city or town in their convertible Cadillac and explore everything that makes this place great, giving us a first-hand look into the people, places and things through the eyes of groundbreaking original street magic." Minkin recently took time out to talk with Magic.About.com.

Wayne Kawamoto: What sets your show, "Magic Outlaws," from other magic shows on television these days?

David Minkin: The show features three magicians, all of whom have very different styles and approaches to the art of magic. So, it offers a certain variety of characters and magic unlike any other show currently on TV.

WK: What exactly is "Outlaw"-style magic and what kinds of effects can we look forward to seeing you perform?

DM: "Magic Outlaws" was the name given to the show because we are three magicians traveling from town to town in a convertible Cadillac wreaking havoc with magic. My style can be subtle at times, so I'm actually probably the least "outlawish" of the bunch.

As for the choice of magic effects, we worked to create some fresh, new magic as well as some new twists on classics that we hope you'll enjoy. Beyond that, I can't say much until it airs.

WK: Please tell me about the experience of filming the show. Any memorable moments?

DM: It was an amazing experience. Every time I do a TV project, I learn a ton of new things, and it makes me want to do more.

Anyone who has ever filmed "street" magic for TV knows how intense the experience can be. The reality when you're in production is that you have a very limited time to capture a perfect performance while getting good, organic reactions. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, you might have only two chances to get it done on a really complex piece. And, random spectators tend to act odd when they are on camera, making "normal" reactions a bit elusive. The larger the footprint of the crew, the more elusive those natural reactions become, and the more limited time you have to get it all right. So, it's a lot more challenging than just having a friend film you out on the street with his flip cam.

WK: Any other thoughts come to mind?

DM: It was a blast working with Korn and Ben on the show, along with the other characters on our crew. Korn told me it was the most fun he's had on any TV project he's ever done. We all especially liked Austin, Texas, where we filmed the first episode. It's a great city, and the people we met there were really welcoming, some of whom we've kept in touch with. I look forward to heading back there soon for some live shows.

WK: Any other projects that you'd like to talk about?

DM: I'm also involved in the magic documentary "Where The Magic Happens" as one of four featured magicians in the film. Keep an eye out for it sometime later this year or early next year. My other projects include a book on magic theory and performance that is essentially my magic manifesto. I've been writing it slowly year by year, so it may have to end up being published posthumously.

"Magic Outlaws" airs on March 10, 2013 from 9-10 pm Eastern time (EST) on the Travel Channel. You can learn more about David Minkin at his website here.

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