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Top Ten Magicians of All Time


Top Ten Magicians of All Time Looking back on 50 years of his “It’s Magic” theater show, Milt Larson, the founder of the The Magic Castle, named the greatest magicians of all time.

1. Harry Houdini
2. Dante
3. Harry Blackstone Sr.
4. Doug Henning
5. Richiardi
6. Tihany
7. Mark Wilson
8. Siegfried and Roy
9. Lance Burton
10. Dai Vernon

Looking at the list...what? No David Copperfield?

Assuming that Larson was focusing on twentieth century magicians, this removes Robert-Houdin, Alexander Herrmann and other notables. If the list were expanded, it would be interesting to see where Thurston, Devant, Cardini, Slydini, Blackstone Jr., Shimada, Paul Daniels and others might rank.

To read Larson’s brief comments on his choices, click <a here for the full article.

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