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Review: Jason Alexander’s Magic Castle Debut


When someone as popular as Jason Alexander performs magic, one expects a positive response from a fawning audience. This is, after all, the Jason Alexander of television’s “Seinfeld” and star of “The Producers.” But rest assured, Alexander didn’t need to rely on his celebrity to win over an audience at tonight’s performance at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

“The internationally, beloved superstar" (his own words-tongue firmly in cheek), offered an engaging mentalism set that was entertaining and clever, and offered lots of interaction with eager audience members. He held his own with the magic pros who normally grace the Parlor of Prestidigitation.

“I can't read minds but can recognize patterns,” said Alexander, and he amazed and perplexed from his humorous, silent opener that predicted a card, to a challenge where he always guessed the spectator’s hand that held a coin, to a recitation of poetry that predicted an emotion a woman had randomly chosen. And after somehow making order out of disorder with his take on chaos theory with some jumbo cards, he closed with a fun, multi-phase prediction involving several audience members.

It was a verbal, well-polished presentation that looked to be a long time in the making. At the end of his show, he encouraged audience members to believe what they want. I know that I now believe in the magic of Jason Alexander. And he can confidently add "magician" to his list of many accomplishments.

Around the Castle
I had a chance to later catch up with Dale Hindman, past president of the AMA, and Milt Larson, co-founder of the Magic Castle. “We’re thrilled that Jason Alexander is here this week,“ said Dale Hindman. “He’s a gracious guy, a huge superstar in the world of entertainment, and he loves to do magic.” According to Hindman, Jason Alexander had been dreaming about performing at the Magic Castle since he was 12-years-old.

“Jason Alexander, a major star in the world, is doing this because he loves magic and he loves the fun of performing,” said Milt Larson. “Obviously, we can’t go out and hire a Jason Alexander, a superstar...he loves the Magic Castle, this crazy place, and we’re thrilled he can be here.”

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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