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Interview with Steve Wyrick


Interview with Steve Wyrick

Steve Wyrick recently announced the opening of his Steve Wyrick Entertainment Complex at the Desert Passage inside the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The $35 million dollar complex houses the Steve Wyrick Theatre, Magiq Shoppe and TRIQ Ultra Lounge. The Steve Wyrick Theatre will feature daily performances from ventriloquist Ronn Lucas and crooner Martin Nievera as well as Steve Wyrick, who will headline nightly.

Wyrick’s new show, "Steve Wyrick: Real Magic," is designed to be faster-paced, more edgy and have the production value of a Broadway performance. In the show, Wyrick makes a Lear Jet 35 and an AS 350 helicopter appear and a West Coast Chopper disappear in mid-air. Following the conclusion of his show on Friday and Saturday nights, the complex transforms into a four-level nightclub, the TRIQ Ultra Lounge, with the theater stage serving as a dance floor.

Wyrick took time out between preview shows to talk with Magic & Illusion.

Wayne N. Kawamoto: Please tell me about the state of magic in Las Vegas.

Steve Wyrick: I think that magic has never been stronger. I feel that as long as a show is rock solid and a proven commodity and it fills a demographic, you’ll always be successful. There are a certain number of acts in town that have been here forever. There’s a reason why they’re here so long, they sell tickets and people really enjoy them.

I think that magic will always be strong in Las Vegas. I know that there are a few more magic shows coming in. Constantly, reviewers ask me what my feelings are on this magician or that. I feel that everyone in this marketplace, or is coming to this marketplace in the near future, provides show goers and tourists with a completely different product.

Sure they’re all magic, but if you look at David Copperfield, he has a certain style and demographic of people that are his fans and see him no matter where he’s at. The same goes for Lance Burton, Criss Angel and Penn & Teller. I think it will always be that way.

I think there’s a certain portion that has never seen a magic show. They might have seen David Copperfield on television or Criss Angel here and there. But in their mind they associate magic with a birthday party or sawing a woman in half. And maybe it’s almost a stereotypical type of performer.

I love talking with these first timers in autograph lines after my shows. I love to hear the husband’s wife saying “we’re going to go to magic shows all of the time” or “we didn’t know magic shows would be like this.” I’ve not only created a fan who would like to see me in the future but created a fan in magic for Lance, Criss and Penn & Teller who will now go to magic shows.

It’s going to help all of the magicians in town. It’s going to help all of the magicians out of town. And it will elevate our art which is so special within itself.

Next, Wyrick talks about the idea behind his complex.

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