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Exposed: Blaine Levitation


On his first magic special on TV, David Blaine walked away from a crowd, stood with his back to the crowd and lifted off the ground some two feet, to the amazement of the spectators. How could Blaine do this? Was it pure magic? Read on to find out.

To start, Blaine was not wearing any special shoes and was freely walking around and performing for spectators. Anyone who was there would have been able to examine Blaine and his shoes and they would have found nothing. The crowd could have also examined the area where Blaine performed the levitation, both before and after, and they would have found nothing.

After performing a few tricks, Blaine stepped away from the crowd about ten feet and kept his back to the crowd. As everyone saw on television, Blaine suddenly lifted up into the air almost two feet, and the crowd went wild. How could he have done this?

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