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Famous Magicians

Now appearing on television or a theater near you, or in Las Vegas. Here are today's hottest magicians.
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The Top Magicians of 2013

Interview with David Minkin, "Magic Outlaw"
David Minkin, along with Chris Korn and Ben Seidman, are starring in a new magic series called "Magic Outlaws" that will air on the Travel Channel. Minkin took time out from his busy schedule to talk about magic, the series and his latest projects.

Best Stage Magician/Illusionist - Readers' Choice Awards 2013
So who's the finest stage magician, illusionist or TV magician? I'll be compiling your nominations and identifying the top five submissions. These top five will be presented for final voting to crown a winner. Let your opinion be known for Best Stage Magician.

Best Close-Up Magician - Readers' Choice Awards 2013
So who's the finest close-up magician? I'll be compiling your nominations and identifying the top five submissions. Let your opinion be known for Best Close-Up Magician.

Best Stage Magician - Readers' Choice Awards
So who's the finest stage magician? I'll be compiling your nominations and identifying the top five submissions. Let your opinion be known for Best Stage Magician.

Best Close-Up Magician - Readers' Choice Awards
So who's the finest close-up magician? I'll be compiling your nominations and identifying the top five submissions. Let your opinion be known for Best Close-Up Magician.

"Houdini: Art and Magic" Exhibition
The excellent and insightful "Houdini: Art and Magic" exhibition is a must see for magicians and all fans of magic and its history. And those in the general public should find it interesting as well. Most thrilling are the artifacts that include Houdini's actual straitjacket, milk can and Metamorphosis trunk that you may view up close. I toured...

Ten Best Close-Up Magicians
Anytime there's a list of the "best magicians," it's always the stage and television performers who are recognized. But what about close-up? With this in mind and after lots of thought, here's my list of the top ten close-up magicians.

The Top Ten Magicians of Our Time
Who are the top magicians of our time? I attempt to list the ten very best of our era. Did your favorite magician make my list?

Readers Respond: Top Ten Magicians of Our Time
Readers respond to my list of the top ten magicians. Who did I miss? And who, according to readers, should not be on the list?

The Ten Best Close-Up Magicians
Anytime there's a list of the "best magicians," it's always the stage and television performers who are recognized. But what about close-up? With this in mind and after lots of thought, here's my list of the top ten close-up magicians.

Interviews With Famous Magicians
Here's a collection of our interviews with famous and notable magicians.

Famous Magicians
Copperfield? Blaine? Angel? Want to learn information about the best known magicians? Here's information on famous magicians as well as links to key stories.

David Copperfield
The best known and richest magician-he ranks among the wealthiest of all entertainers-David Copperfield is a household name. He is known to millions through his numerous television specials over the last couple of decades and he continues to tour, taking his show around the country.

Doug Henning
In the 1970s and 80s, Doug Henning was not only the best known magician in the world, he is often credited as reviving magic as a popular theatrical art form. Sadly, he left magic at the height of his career and died in 2000 at the age of 52.

Recalling Doug Henning
I recall Doug Henning after reading John Harrison's excellent "Spellbound: The Wonder-filled Life of Doug Henning."

Criss Angel
Criss Angel is best known as the creator and star of "Criss Angel Mindfreak," a television series on A&E. The series has run for two years and is entering its third season. Most significantly, Mindfreak has attracted a youthful audience and A&E's largest ratings ever.

David Blaine
Best known for his television specials and well-promoted physical stunts, David Blaine is among the best known magicians in the world.

Lance Burton
Lance Burton currently stars at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. His 13-year contract is the longest legal agreement ever given to any entertainer in Las Vegas history and the $27 million Lance Burton Theatre was built especially for him and designed to his specifications.

Penn & Teller
Often overlooked as accomplished and popular magicians, Penn & Teller are among the most successful comedians, as well as magicians, in show business. Known as the “bad boys of magic,” the pair is probably best known for exposing magic secrets. However, they also perform gory effects and pranks, and expose the tricks behind paranormal and other phenomena.

Mac King
Mac King is the star of the "Mac King Comedy Magic Show" at Harrah's Las Vegas, one of the highest rated magic shows in Las Vegas.

Franz Harary
Best known for his large-scale illusions, which include: the vanish of the Space Shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center for an NBC special in 1994 and moving Hawaii's Diamond Head, Franz Harary is in constant demand worldwide and works with numerous celebrities and musical stars.

Mark Wilson
The first magician to take make a mark on the new medium of television, Mark Wilson is an accomplished magician and a trail-blazing pioneer. He and his wife Nani Darnell are best known for his "The Magic Land of Allakazam" series and "Magic Circus" specials that aired in the 1970s.

Siegfried & Roy
Siegfried & Roy, famous for their stunning large scale illusions and big cats, once ruled Las Vegas as its most successful act. In their more than three decades in Las Vegas, the pair performed for an estimated 25 million people.

Gerry McCambridge
Gerry McCambridge makes the simple promise to "screw with your mind" and in his Las Vegas show, The Mentalist, which plays at the Hooter’s Casino Hotel, he successfully does so.

Jeff McBride
Jeff McBride is a unique performer who blends elements of myth, drama and illusion into his magic and performances that reflect his lifelong study of the arts.

Harry Houdini
Arguably, the most famous entertainer of all time was a magician. Harry Houdini, who died some 80 years ago, is still a household name today. Try to name a contemporary of Houdini from an era that lacked televisions, video and DVDs. Perhaps today, only Charlie Chaplin can compare.

Hans Klok
Hans Klok is known for the speed and agility of his illusions. He is referred to as "the fastest magician in the world" and "The Dutch Copperfield," and his live stage shows have been selling out large arenas throughout Europe and Asia for the past decade.

Review: CRISS ANGEL Believe
Can a production from Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil fall below the sum of their reputations? After seeing the show tonight, I think that "CRISS ANGEL Believe" hardly falls short - the visuals, dancing, sets, music and yes, illusions, are fantastic - it simply misses the mark for reasons that I'll explain.

Interview with Criss Angel
We speak with Criss Angel, star of the Mindfreak television series and recently awarded “Magician of the Year.” In his interview, Angel talks about the challenges of shooting a magic series, his inspirations, the current state of magic and where he plans to take the art.

Review: Steve Wyrick - Real Magic
Steve Wyrick offers magic entertainment that awes with its scale, but still connects on a personal level. His "Real Magic" showcases large scale illusions and Broadway-style sets, and the requisite flashing lights, attractive dancers and techno music.

Interview with Steve Wyrick
With the opening of his new entertainment complex and show, Wyrick talks about the state of magic in Las Vegas, the inspiration of the Magic Castle, his idea behind the new complex, developing the concept and making it a reality and producing the shows. He also offers some advice for budding magicians.

Interview with Joaquin Ayala
Joaquin Ayala, Mexico’s famous illusionist, has multiple TV appearances, headlined in Vegas and is now touring in "Magic Passion." He just launched AYALA EFX,” his production company that constructs and designs magical effects. Ayala took time out to talk with Magic & Illusion about his new production company, latest shows and about magic and presentation.

Review: Jeff McBride: Magic At the Edge
When you have the opportunity to see master magician Jeff McBride in action, you'll always want to take it. This is the case with his latest show, Jeff McBride: Magic At the Edge, which runs at the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas. No tigers, big boxes or Vegas-style dancers here. Just McBride and his unique brand of entertaining and mystical...

Review: Nathan Burton Comedy Magic
With some truly twisted takes on big scale illusions, Nathan Burton serves up lots of fun at the Flamingo, Las Vegas. It's a fast-paced, entertaining and funny show with lots of music and dancing.

Interview with Jay Sankey
Jay Sankey is among the most prolific creators of powerful close-up magic. His many instructional DVDs and videos have provided solid effects for numerous magicians. We had a chance to talk with Sankey about his latest project, “The Sankey/Skutt Sessions,” and about creativity, business and his projects.

Opinion: Is Criss Angel Underrated?
Criss Angel continues to produce and present excellent magic in his weekly series on A&E, now in its second season. But why isn’t he better known among the lay public? And why is he not regularly discussed among most magicians? I think that Angel is out there innovating magic and presenting it in a way that is attracting new audiences. He deserves our respect and support.

David Blaine: Where's the Magic?
Now that David Blaine is off his gyro and safely on the ground, his recent stunt made me think about where he's going with all this human endurance stuff and if he's leaving magic behind. These days, there's little magic in his act. But by eliminating magic, I maintain that he's not getting the most out of his stunts.

Top Ten Magicians of All Time
Looking back on 50 years of his "It’s Magic" theater show in September 2007, Milt Larson, the founder of the "The Magic Castle," named the greatest magicians of all time.

Opinion: Magic Exposure Vs. Education
Criss Angel taught the "ash trick" on his well-watched television show. Was this blatant exposure of magic? Or was it education-teaching an effect to those who are interested in learning magic? A few thoughts on a touchy and volatile topic.

Opinion: Celebrity Magic - At a Dealer Near You
Want to perform the same tricks as those big-name magicians on television? Seemingly all you have to do is pull out your credit card. But in the end, a celebrity's endorsement is more likely an efficient way to separate you from your money and provide effects that you don’t need or won’t use.

TV Review-Keith Barry: Extraordinary
“This is Extraordinary!” So promised Keith Barry’s magic special on CBS. The show, which showcased mentalism, was most noteworthy for its many Hollywood stars. While the show presented lots of effects that probably left viewers wondering how they were accomplished, the show played somewhat flat.

Review: Jason Alexander's Magic Castle Debut
The well known star of television's "Seinfeld" and Broadway's "The Producers" performed at Hollywood's Magic Castle. Alexander delivered a mentalism set that was varied, well-crafted and entertaining. He has effectively added "magician" to his list of many accomplishments.

DVD Review-David Blaine: Fearless
David Blaine’s DVD offers edited versions of his first three television specials: "Street Magic," "Magic Man," and "Frozen In Time." When the shows originally aired, they received lots of attention from magicians and the lay public and it’s great to watch these shows again on DVD.

DVD Review: David Copperfield: Illusion
After joining Netflix-the service that lets you borrow DVDs through the mail-I discovered that David Copperfield: Illusion was available in its immense library. “Illusion” is mostly Copperfield's “15 Years of Magic” special that aired years ago on CBS. But for fans who haven’t been taping and viewing his shows over the years, the DVD is virtual gold.

Ayala & Tanya - Magical Passion
Ayala & Tanya's latest illusion spectacular is a fusion of original magical effects, belly dancing, Flamenco and contemporary dance. The show has toured through Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong and France.

David Copperfield
The Magic Man himself. Find out where David Copperfield is appearing (and disappearing), perhaps in a town near you. On his site he dispells vicious rumors and more.

Lance Burton
A simple boy from Kentucky? I don't think so. This "Master Magician" does it all, sleight of hand, drama, large-scale illusions and more. Do not miss his show when you are in Las Vegas.

Jeff McBride
This master of sleight of hand and theatrical flair is always worth seeing, whether it is live or on television.

Rick Thomas: The Art of Dreaming
Rick Thomas is a long-time, popular illusionist in Las Vegas.

David Blaine: Magic Man
What is magic's mystery man up to these days? What will his next stunt be? It's all on his web site.

Biography of Harry Potter
Harry Potter, the fictional star of the immensely popular J.K. Rowling books and resulting Warner Brothers movies, is perhaps the most famous magician in the world.

Famous Magicians
Now appearing on television, at a theater near you, or in Las Vegas or Branson. Here are today's hottest magicians.

This page offers a definition of "magician" and offers a series of magic-related resources.

The War Magician, Jasper Maskelyne
Jasper Maskelyne was the 7th in a line of famous magicians of the Maskelyne family. While an accomplished British stage magician, Jasper Maskelyne is best remembered for joining the fight in WWII and using his magic skills to help defeat Rommell and the Nazi war machine. His amazing visual illusions and tricks fooled the mighty German army.

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