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If you are just starting out in magic, here's where you can find easy beginning tricks and read tips on learning and performing magic. You'll soon be amazing your family and friends.
  1. Easy Magic Tricks
  2. Easy Card Tricks
  3. Magic Demonstrations
  4. Magic 101

Easy Magic Tricks

An easy magic trick,

Our library offers easy magic tricks that anyone can learn and perform for their friends. All of the tricks use everyday, common, household materials and require no complicated sleight-of-hand. We also offer clear, step-by-step instructions.

Easy Card Tricks

A flashy way to cut cards, check out our

Everyone likes tricks with playing cards. Here's where you can learn easy card tricks as well as basic card handling. Soon, you'll be fooling your friends.

Magic Demonstrations

The Cups and Balls

Here are demonstrations of easy tricks that are good ones to purchase for beginning magicians. In addition to being great tricks, we make sure that they are reasonably priced. All are available from your local magic dealer.

Magic 101

One of our easy tricks,

If you're just starting out in magic, here you can find tips and advice on learning and performing magic, developing an act, shopping for magic props and more.

I hope that this provides the starting point for your magic aspirations.

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