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Choosing Magic Tricks


How can you select the best magic tricks for your audience, venue, skill level, personality and more? Here's everything that you need to know.

1. How to Select a Trick for Your Audience

The tricks that you perform and your presentations have to appeal to your audiences. Here are things to keep in mind when considering a new trick.

2. How to Select a Trick for Your Venue

When performing magic, in addition to thinking about who you are performing for, your audience, you always have to think about where you're performing. You may be on a stage, in front of a classroom, in the center of a party, at a restaurant table or in a conference room or office cubicle. The tricks you perform have to work in your chosen venue and within your performance conditions.

3. How to Choose a Trick for Your Skill Level

In order to perform a magic trick, you must possess the necessary skills to execute the moves and steps. Here's everything that you need to know.

4. Choosing Tricks That Fit Your Act

As I've discussed in earlier articles, it's always best to choose the tricks that allow you to best entertain your audience and will work best under your particular performing conditions or venue. But how about considering what you already perform in your act and adding routines that are different?

5. Should You Choose Tricks That You Like?

Should you learn and perform tricks that once impressed you. Maybe or maybe not. Here's why.

6. Choosing Tricks in the Real World - My Experience

So here's the culmination, the payoff in my series on how to choose magic tricks for your act. After talking about how to consider audience, venue and skill level, as well as your act and tricks that you simply like, in this article I apply all of the essays to a new trick that I've been working up for months.

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