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Beginner's Magic Demo: Cups & Balls


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Beginner's Magic Demo: Cups & Balls
Beginner's Magic Demo: Cups & Balls
Some consider the cups & balls to be the oldest recorded magic trick, apparently depicted on the walls of Egypt's pyramids. Magic historian Bill Palmer states that we now know this to be a myth. Please click here to learn more.

While professional magicians such as Tim Ellis, Johnny Ace Palmer, Suzanne, Brian Ochab and Michael Ammar perform stunning, advanced versions of this classic, beginning magicians can purchase simple, pre-packaged versions that result in a mystifying sequence.

This one requires some time to learn as there is a set sequence to memorize. But the results will be satisfying to beginners and their audiences. Inexpensive plastic versions may be purchased for less than five dollars. Pro versions with metal cups can cost up to hundreds of dollars. The version depicted here features inexpensive aluminum cups that cost less than thirty dollars.

The basic routine consists of three stackable cups and three small balls.

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