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Study Guide: Cub Scout Magic Tricks


If you're looking for Cub Scout magic tricks, you can find them here. Bear Cub Scout Elective 13 deals with magic and asks scouts to learn and perform magic. To help cub scouts earn this elective, here are some easy magic tricks that we explain here on Magic.About.com that are simple and only require household items, can fulfill the requirements.

Requirement a asks the scouts to learn three magic tricks.

Here's where we can really help with our comprehensive library of simple magic tricks-a virtual magic book that's available for free online. We selected the tricks that we feel are best for cub scout aged magicians and that are visual and can work in a show (Requirement b).

Cold as Ice
The scout pours some water into a cup, utters some secret words and when the cup is turned over, all that comes out is a chunk of ice. This kids will love this one.

The Banana Buster
By executing an ultra-secret ninja move, the scout magically causes a banana to separate into pieces while it's still inside the peel. Since Cub Scouts are always hungry, they can eat the banana when they're done.

Simple Monte
The scout displays three cards in a fan and asks the audience to remember them. After turning the cards over, he removes the middle card. He asks the spectators if they can recall what the card is. And when he shows it to them, it's a different card. This is an easy trick that also a simple craft project.

Aces From Your Pocket
The cub scout mysteriously locate four aces from a shuffled deck. All you need is a deck of cards and a jacket with an inner pocket.

The Clairvoyant Crayons
Using his amazing magical powers, the scout can always tell what color crayon a spectator hands to him-even though he can't see it.

The Amazing Balancing Cup
Showing off an incredible sense of balance, the scout holds a playing card and balances a cup on top of it.

For more tricks, please visit our online library and a collection of our favorites. Another page we can recommend is our "demos" of inexpensive and easy tricks that may be purchased.

Requirement b asks the scouts to put on a magic show for their pack

Here are a couple of related stories for putting together a show:

Beginning Magic: Your First Show
Many beginners know how to perform simple magic tricks, but few think about putting them together into an entertaining set or show. Here's advice on taking tricks and organizing them into a set. We'll even use some tricks explained here on the site. For purposes here, we'll aim for about ten minutes worth of material.

Overcoming Nervousness
Most kids aren't nervous about getting in front of a crowd and performing magic. But this article, which is aimed more for grown-ups offers advice on dealing with stage fright.

Requirement c asks the scouts to learn and show four puzzles. I strongly disagree with this requirement because magic tricks should never be performed as puzzles but as entertainment. This said, we do offer one "stunt" on this site that could be considered a puzzle that we call "Just Passing Thru."

You can find puzzles at our sister site: Puzzles.about.com.

Requirement a asks the scouts to learn three rope tricks.

The Knot Tie Challenge
Here's an easy trick-actually it's more of a challenge. The scout challenges his friends to tie a knot in a piece of rope, but the catch is, once they grab the rope, they can't let go. Once they give up, he shows them how.

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