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Basic Magic Effect: Penetration


Basic Magic Effect: Penetration
A concept that's perhaps used most in stage illusions, a penetration is an effect where a solid object mysteriously passes through another solid object. It's common for illusionists to pass swords and other objects through a person and the best known penetration effect is probably the Chinese linking rings.

A penetration is different from a destruction and restoration effect because the object that is passing through does not appear to harm or change the other object.

Some of the penetration style effects here on the site include:

The Necklace
In this easy magic trick, a necklace is shown with three beads strung on two strings. You take an end from each side and begin to tie a knot. You place the beads into someone hand and then pull on the strings (you cahttp://0.tqn.com/d/magic/1/5/_/J/SafetyPin3.jpgn also place the beads in your own hand and have spectators pull the ends),and the beads release themselves from the strings.

The Unlinking Safety Pin
You clearly link two safety pins together by opening one, inserting it through the other and closing the first pin. In seemingly no time, you pull the safety pins apart, but both are still closed.

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