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Basic Magic Effect: Escape


Basic Magic Effect: Escape
Just as the word implies, in magic, one of the basic effects is that of escaping - to release oneself or an object from a bind in a seemingly impossible way. Of course, escapes are largely associated with the best known magician of all time, Harry Houdini, who escaped from packing crates, milk cans, strait jackets, handcuffs and lots more.

Some of the easy tricks profiled this site that are examples of escapes include:

The Necklace
In The Necklace trick, you show a necklace with three beads strung on two strings. You take an end from each side and begin to tie a knot. You place the beads into someone hand and then pull on the strings (you can also place the beads in your own hand and have spectators pull the ends),and the beads release themselves from the strings.

The Escape
This is a great little trick that resides in lots of magic kits. Unfortunately, it's one that tends to be overlooked as it doesn't look like anything at first glance. Everything looks innocent and the clever secret is downright diabolical.

The Chain Escape
You bring out a chain and a lock which may be carefully examined. There’s nothing to find. Spectators tightly bind your arms with the chain and then lock it. In no time, you've escaped, usually under some cover or by momentarily turning away.

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