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How to Make a Monkey Balloon Animal


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The Monkey Balloon Animal
How to Make a Monkey Balloon Animal

The Monkey Balloon Animal

Here’s a cute monkey balloon animal. Aside from the head, the design is similar to that of a dog balloon animal. Trust me, this balloon is a crowd pleaser and looks best when mounted to another balloon, as shown in the picture.

Compared to a dog, this balloon is particularly well suited for making at events. The addition of the second balloon creates a vertical balloon sculpture that is easy to hold and carry. I also appreciate the visibility of this balloon at events as people and kids carry it around.

This balloon animal is not difficult to make. In fact, it’s fairly straight forward. But note that I’m assuming that you already can execute the basic balloon fundamentals listed below. As a result, my instructions are rather streamlined.

Skills Needed:
To make the monkey balloon animal, you’ll need to have mastered the following:
basic twist
pinch twist
lock twist
know how to make a dog balloon animal

Two 260 balloons. Yellow, red, brown or grey works great for the monkey but you can use any color of your choosing. You can use any color for the second balloon to create the “pole.”

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