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How to Make a Flower Balloon Hat


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Start With the Balloon Hat
How to Make a Flower Balloon Hat

The Balloon Hat

Inflate the green balloon to almost the end leaving a quarter-inch tip. (For the purpose of this lesson, I’ll assume that you’re using a green balloon for the hat, but you’re free to use any color that you wish.)

You’ll want this balloon to be almost fully inflated because you only really create two twists for this sculpture and if the balloon isn’t adequately inflated, it tends to be soft and floppy and won’t be able to hold up the flower that you’ll be making and attaching later.

Starting at the knotted end of the balloon, make a small basic twist about an inch long. If you like, you may substitute pinch twist. In fact, I recommend that you use the pinch twist to make the hat more sturdy and less prone to flopping around.

Take the small basic twist that you just made and create a loop with the balloon. You’re aiming to create a loop that is approximately the size of the person’s head so it may be worn. Once you have the correct size, you twist the basic twist into rest of the balloon to form the loop.

Some balloon twisters physically wrap the balloon around the head of the person to measure its size and adjust the loop of the balloon. Others simply estimate by sight and make adjustments later. Keep in mind that this hat will easily fit on the head of a child, but if you have an adult with a larger circumference head, you’ll be using a considerable amount of the balloon for the hat portion which will reduce the height at which the flower will sit.

Since this is an easy balloon hat to make, it’s a simple matter to make adjustments by undoing the balloon and re-twisting.

You’ll find more detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make the basic balloon hat here.

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