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How to Make a Flower Balloon Hat


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Making the Flower Balloon Hat
How to Make a Flower Balloon Hat

Flower Balloon Hat

Here’s a winner that combines the classic balloon flower into a colorful flower balloon hat. You’ll find this one quite popular with just about everyone.

If you’re already an accomplished balloon animal twister, you’ll be able to make this one immediately but I do offer some insights into making the balloon sculpture within this lesson.

This lesson consists of two parts. First we make the hat and then the flower petals, and then we put them together.

Two 260 Balloons. You can use any color balloon for the petals and will probably want to use a green balloon for the hat, but feel free to use whatever colors that you wish.

To make the flower balloon hat, you’ll need to have mastered the basic twist (if you want a more stable hat, you may apply a pinch twist instead). (I’ll provide links to these twists later in the lesson if you need a refresher.)

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