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How to Make a Turkey Balloon Animal


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Introduction to a Turkey Balloon Animal
How to Make a Turkey Balloon Animal

A Turkey Balloon Animal

Here’s a turkey that’s made of balloons that you can use as a decoration. It’s probably a little too involved for making in a production setting with a line of kids and parents waiting, but it’s colorful and festive.

Most bird balloon animals can’t stand on their own, or they’re designed to be attached to another balloon that acts as a “perch.” This one is designed to stand on its own and I provide some options at the end of this step-by-step guide if you would like to customize the sculpture further.

Furthermore, I think that this balloon looks good but is still reasonably easy to make. Undoubtedly, professional balloon decorators can make elaborate balloon animal turkeys that can take a lot of time to make. I found that I could make this one in less than five minutes, and that’s without practice.

This balloon animal requires multiple balloons - a whopping nine and the most of any balloon yet taught at Magic.About.com. For the purposes of this lesson, I’ll mostly assume that you already have a working knowledge of balloon twisting.

One other thought, try as I may, I couldn’t get the pictures to do justice to this balloon animal. It looks far better in person than in the pictures.

If you'd like to learn how to make more balloon animals, as well as balloon swords and hats and more, you'll find an entire collection of step-by-step instructions here.

260 Balloons in the following quantities and I’m listing the colors that I used:
Two yellow balloons - one for the beak and one for the feet
Two brown balloons - one for the head/neck, and one for the body
One white balloon - for the eyes (you’ll notice that I used a clear balloon in the lesson for demonstration purposes)
Three balloons in your choice of colors - for the tail
One red balloon - for the wattle

(For the demonstration bird, I used "goldenrod" colored Qualatex balloons - part of the balloons in the “Entertainer’s” assortment).

Balloon Skills Needed:
Basic balloon twist
Fold twist
Pinch twist
Three Balloon Push Through

Let’s get started and get this turkey into the oven.

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