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Should Magicians Learn How to Make Balloon Animals?


Should Magicians Learn How to Make Balloon Animals?
Almost everyone who performs magic professionally learns how to twist balloons. Why is this the case and why is balloon twisting considered an art that complements magic? Some of the reasons are due to market forces while others can help you to become a better performer. I'll explain.

Why Balloon Twisting?

Whether you become an accomplished balloon twister with a vast repertoire of sculptures that you can make, or whether you only learn how to make a dog, you’ll find these skills useful.

In the United States, magicians that are marketed towards kid's birthday parties are often sold with balloon twisting. The magicians are typically booked through party planning businesses to perform a 45-minute magic show and 15 minutes of balloon twisting, for a total of an hour.

Unfortunately, the addition of the balloons in this market is the result of the magicians not being able to hold the attention of kids for an entire hour. The kids birthday party market is often flooded with incompetent "magicians" who often double as clowns and even don costumes such as Sponge Bob and Barney. For these performers who are not dedicated to the art of magic, balloon animals are a necessity to complement their magic shows.

Even if you are serious about magic and do a great hour-long show for kids, the party planners at this level will still want you to twist balloons. They don't want to sell one performer in a different manner from the others in their stable. They want everyone to perform a 45-minute show and 15-minutes of balloon animals. Even if you're good, you’re simply another magician.

Great for Young Kids

On the other hand, if you’re hired to perform for four and five year olds, you may be happy to do a shorter show and supplement the time with balloon animals. Even for the best performers, it can be hard to maintain the attention of fidgety four and five year olds for an entire hour.

Even when all you do is magic, you'll often encounter, during some strolling gigs, some small kids that you'll want to entertain. But the kids, usually three or four years of age, are too young to understand magic. You can make these kids as well as their parents happy by twisting a small balloon animal and giving it to them.

Life Saver

Personally, I studied balloon twisting when I launched my magic career in the kid's birthday party market. It's a skill that I'm glad that I have to this day. It's saved me when I arrived at a two-hour strolling gig and found there were only 20 people. After an hour of magic, I can make balloons to mix things up.

So whether you only want to perform for kids, or you want to be a better overall entertainer, balloon twisting and animals is a great skill to learn and perform. While it’s noisy and you do have to deal with materials, it's a great way to interact with others, and it's fun.

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