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Complete Course in Balloon Animals for Beginners


Here's a complete course in how to make balloon animals for beginners. From why you should learn to make balloon animals, to the types of balloons to use, to the pumps, various techniques to make balloon animals, and finally, step by step instructions for the balloon animals themselves.

1. Why Should You Learn to Make Balloon Animals?

Almost everyone who performs magic professionally learns how to make balloon animals. Why is this the case and why are balloon animals considered an art that complements magic? Some of the reasons are due to market forces while others can help you to become a better performer. I'll explain.

2. The Best Balloons for Animal Balloons

Here's what you need to know about the best balloons to use when making balloon animals.

3. The Best Pumps for Making Balloon Animals

To make balloon animals, you'll want to invest in a good pump. Here’s what to look for.

4. How to Inflate a Balloon to Make Balloon Animals

Inflating a balloon to make balloon animals is far more than simply blowing them up. Here’s what you need to know about inflating a balloon before you make balloon animals.

5. Burping Balloon Animals

Balloon artists often release a bit of air from an inflated balloon by releasing the nozzle that’s held in their fingers before tying it off. This process is known as “burping” a balloon. It’s a valuable technique that you’ll learn about here.

6. Learn How to Make a Basic Twist for Balloon Animals

Here's the basic balloon twist that is the foundation for everything that you make through the art of balloon animals.

7. Learn How to Make a Lock Twist for Balloon Animals

After the basic twist, the second fundamental skill in balloon twisting is the lock twist, which you'll learn here.

8. Learn How to Make a Fold Twist for Balloon Animals

The fold twist is a fundamental twist in making balloon animals. It is often used to make "ears" on animals and is the foundational twist in basic sword balloon animals.

9. Learn How to Make Dog Balloon Animals

Dog balloon animals are the fundamental sculpture in the art of balloon animals. Many balloon animals such as the deer and giraffe are variations on the dog balloon animals. And you’ll find that the basics that you master when twisting dog balloon animals, will apply to more difficult balloon animals.

10. Tips for Making Balloon Animals

If you're learning how to make balloon animals, here are tips and solutions to some common problems.

11. Detailed Instructions for Balloon Animals

Once you've mastered the basic techniques of making balloon animals and can easily make dog balloon animals, here you'll find detailed instructions on how to make a variety of balloon animals.

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