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How to Make a Tiger Balloon Animal


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The Tiger Balloon Animal
How to Make a Tiger Balloon Animal

The Final Tiger Balloon Animal

Here’s a tiger balloon animal that is actually a variation on a dog balloon animal. Beyond the stripes, however, the head portion is far more sophisticated and detailed.

Admittedly, it’s the stripes and drawn-on details that make this balloon. If you like, you can leave off the stripes and you’ll have a lion cub, after you draw on eyes. Or, if you add another balloon around the head, you can make a mane to turn this guy into a lion. Yellow works great for the tiger but if you can use pink, purple and other colors. Also, try on some spots to make this one a leopard or cheetah. Use your imagination.

I think that beginners will be frustrated trying to make this one without a decent amount of experience working with balloons. It’s best tackled by those who have mastered the balloon basics and can easily make the foundational balloon animals. Note that since this is an advanced balloon animal, the steps here are rather streamlined. I’m assuming that you already know the basics.

Skills Needed:
To make the tiger balloon animal, you’ll need to have mastered the following:
basic twist
pinch twist
know how to make a dog balloon animal

One 260 balloon. Yellow works great for this one.
A Black Marker

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