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How to Make a Braided Balloon Hat


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Introduction to the Braided Balloon Hat
How to Make a Braided Balloon Hat

A Braided Balloon Hat

Here’s a hat made from balloons that’s fantastic for parties and special events. It’s colorful and not all that difficult to make. And best of all, it’s easy to fit on the head of your recipient or kid (if you get into making balloon hats, you’ll often find that it’s hard to make a standard balloon hat or helmet or jester balloon hat that fits correctly on the first try, particularly when you’re first learning how to make and work with balloon animals).

As mentioned earlier, the braided balloon hat is not difficult to learn and make so it’s great for beginners and those who are new to balloon animal making. This hat is sure to be a hit at your next party or event.

Three 260 Balloons of different colors. You’re free to mix and match the colors to make a colorful hat. You'll notice that I chose a complementary set of blue, green and yellow balloons for the sample hat in the image.
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