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Review: Ninja + by Matthew Garrett

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Review: Ninja + by Matthew Garrett
Here's an intriguing add-on to a well known routine. The aptly and boldly-named "Ninja +" offers a follow-up to a close-up linking rings routine, specifically, Shoot Ogawa's "Ninja Rings."

In this version, a finger ring is borrowed or brought into play, which links to a ring. A lot of creativity went into this effect, but I don't find the effect to be all that useful when added to a great close-up linking ring routine.

Familiar Ring

"Ninja +" (MSRP: $75.00, Murphy's) offers props and a set of moves to link an ordinary finger ring onto a Ninja ring, which may be handed out for examination. If you like, you can link a spectator's ring, but this can’t be examined. And if you link a spectator's ring, you won't even need the props in the "Ninja +" kit.

For "Ninja +," Matthew Garrett has created a wealth of moves that range from standard crash links and various un-links, as well as switches, and cool variations that involve two rings and a single ring in different configurations. I do like the idea of linking a ring onto a finger ring, which I think can be a routine in itself. This can also work nicely as a follow-up to a finger ring on string routine.

The combination of the moves and gimmicks is quite convincing. Garrett also teaches lots of flourishes with finger rings and coin moves that he has adapted, and there's even a move with rope. Throughout, he offers excellent instruction.


Garrett says that he developed Ninja + because of the downsides that he discovered after performing a close-up linking ring routine. On this point, I disagree. I think that a great close-up linking ring routine easily stands on its own and doesn't require a "convincer" or second segment.

Rings and Fine Array

The kit comes with two Ninja style linking rings and a finger ring. Unfortunately, you can't designate the size of the finger ring. I received a size 13, which is way too big for my fingers.

The linking ring, while nice, doesn't match the quality of a standard Ninja ring - I can see the weld mark and I think spectators will find it as well. Another difference, albeit, a minor one, the Ninja+ rings are slightly thinner than standard Ninja rings. Spectators won’t notice, but I could tell that the Ninja+ rings were lighter.

So is this a "must have" if you already perform a commercial and entertaining close-up linking ring routine? My take is "no." But if you like the idea, Matthew Garrett provides the moves and props that will allow you to effectively do this.

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