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"Toosh" Trick Review

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Here's a clever idea that I've never seen before. In fact, it's one of the best concepts that I've seen in awhile that provides definite possibilities beyond Steve Haynes' given routine. The method behind "Toosh" creates a powerful, gimmick-powered transposition. And it's a good one

Basic Routine

Here's the basic routine. You sketch a couple of simple drawings on two business cards (say a heart on one and a smiley face on the other) and the spectator signs both. The spectator sits down and then you openly show both signed cards and place one in the spectator's hands. You show the second card and place it into your pocket.

Later, when the spectator looks at the card in her hands, she finds the signed card that you placed into your pocket. And when she stands up, she finds the signed card that she thought was in her hands on the chair. The method relies on no “doubles” or false signatures. Also, the trick is not hard to perform so it's great for beginners. There is a gutsy move to accomplish the basic trick, but this outcome can be altered so the revelation occurs more easily elsewhere.

Transpositions - Other Ways

You can accomplish much the same thing by employing traditional sleight of hand (I’m sure that many of you are already thinking about how you can accomplish this effect). The difference is that during the final display before the transposition, you are openly and clearly holding only two cards. Also, the gimmick allows for a brief glimpse of the second drawing before the transposition occurs and the switch has already been made.

I can think of other ways to accomplish a similar outcome with sleights or by employing the “Out to Lunch” principle. However, “Toosh” is more baffling and clean. The kit comes with materials to gimmick your own business cards. The process of gimmicking the cards with scissors, glue and tape is not difficult and should only take 20-minutes.

My only criticism is that the routine itself could be so much stronger. As presented in the demonstrations, it’s without any theme or compelling dialogue. Also, with proper theming, the drawings can be altered to create far more powerful connections with spectators.

I like what I see in “Toosh,” but the basic routine is simply a beginning.

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