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Review of Red Herring

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Review of Red Herring

Review of Red Herring

Here is yet another "monte" style effect, a packet trick, where spectators are asked to find a different card. The variation in this version, Paul Gordon's "Red Herring," is that the ending has a fun and humorous kicker. The card that appears to be the different card transforms into a picture of a red fish, the misleading, tangential "red herring" in the trick's name (see the accompanying image).

As the ads state, the trick is easy to learn and perform for anyone with card handling skills. And the procedure is straight-forward and easy to recall. A few counts and lifts and that’s about it. The trick comes with the necessary (non-Bicycle backed) cards and clear instructions. At the end, you’re left completely clean.

In execution on lay audiences, “Red Herring” plays much like the well known “Color Monte”. There are a couple of “where is the different card” segments and then a fun kicker at the end.

I think that “Red Herring” has as much impact as “Color Monte,” but magicians will probably favor the basic handling of “Red Herring” over that of “Color Monte,” although the “find the different card” segments may be slightly stronger in “Color Monte.” And interestingly, with a slight change of patter, you could remove one card and perform “Red Herring” and use the “Color Monte” handling.

If you’re looking for a fun packet trick that almost guarantees a laugh at its end, check out “Red Herring.” As the name implies, it will probably lead your audiences astray, as well as leave them pleasantly surprised.

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 1 out of 5
Red Herring by Paul Gordon, Member ChrisRedfield

What can I say about this trick? It blows. Poor handling, and the ending is just random and stupid. It is truly shocking that people will make up sh1t like this and people actually buy it. I have had a lot of ideas in the past, and many of them have turned out to be average at best, certainly not worth publishing. This doesn't seem to stop some people. Maybe I should start and get a nice following of idiots who will hand over there cash for anything I put out. I gave this trick one star and that was being generous! Don;t buy it, save your cash!!!!!!

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