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Review of Linking Hearts by Paul Romhany

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Review of Linking Hearts by Paul Romhany
A brilliant variation on standard linking rings, Paul Romhany's "Linking Hearts" are just that, intriguing linking rings in the shape of hearts. It's a quality close-up product with lots of potential for themes.

I like the way that Romhany’s various links and unlinks take advantage of the geometry of the rings. Heart rings can be unlinked on the sly and then freely rested on each other to appear to still be linked. And vice versa, rings can be rested on each other in various ways and the link accomplished without notice in the process of spinning or moving the ring.

Romhany has created a convincing count, various links and unlinks and a great “traveling” ring segment. It’s all very impressive.

As with any linking ring routine, performing a routine with heart-shaped rings takes lots of practice and work. If you already perform linking rings, you’ll find that working with these rings is almost like starting over. For those of you who already perform with conventional rings, you’ll miss being able to spin these heart-shaped rings.

The rings are well made and accomplish the necessary visual ambiguity to sell the effect. I think that $30 is reasonable for this quality set. Weld marks are apparent when you are looking for them, however, I don’t believe that they pose a problem. Romhany provides good instruction via web video

The heart rings are practical for walkaround and close-up work. Reset is fast and the trick is visual and plays big. Also, you can easily carry the rings in your pocket. These are all reasons why I have long relied on close-up linking rings in my own strolling sets.

The best thing about “Linking Hearts” is that the shape of the rings offers so many possibilities for themes and routines. The most obvious, of course, are routines where magicians talk about loves won and lost.

Personally, for me, a routine with heart-shaped rings isn’t going to replace my often used close-up ring routine. But if you don’t already have a ring routine, or have been thinking about one and want something different, definitely consider “Linking Hearts.”

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