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Review: I Hate David Copperfield Trick by Geoff Williams

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Review: I Hate David Copperfield Trick by Geoff Williams
Despite the name, I like David Copperfield as well as this trick from Geoff Williams. Here a single card mysteriously changes location in a three card pack. I don’t know if this part of a new trend, but Williams previously released this effect on his Miracles for Mortals Volume One DVD. It's the exact same footage.

The Close-Up Illusion

"I Hate David Copperfield" is a strong three phase routine where a single card appears to change locations among a group three cards, which is based on Larry Jennings' "The Close-Up Illusion." You start with three cards, two of which are somewhat alike, two spot cards with blue backs, and one that's different, a face card with a red back. In the first phase, the different card is place below the two cards and then it travels between them.

In the second phase, the different card is placed on the bottom and moved in a circular pattern and again, it travels between the other two cards. In the third phase, the different card is placed between the other two cards and it moves to the bottom of the packet. The effect is visual and convincing and relies on a gimmicked card that can't be handed out for examination.

I performed this trick for a time and it got good reactions.

Bigger Picture

As mentioned earlier, "I Hate David Copperfield" is one of several effects on Williams' "Miracles For Mortals Volume One" DVD (please click here to read our review). You can still buy this DVD online for between $25 and $30. For five or ten dollars more, you can purchase the entire DVD that features more tricks.

There were two other effects that I particularly liked on Volume One of "Miracles for Mortals." 4-Way Coincidence is a fun prediction routine that can be performed at any time with a shuffled deck. You can even perform this one with a borrowed deck. You ask a spectator to shuffle a deck of cards.

After mixing, you remove a "prediction card" and lay it face-down on the table and then deal cards onto the table until a spectator says "stop." At the end, you reveal four of a kind, including your prediction card. It's a great card trick that I occasionally perform in my strolling sets.

The other fun effect that I performed for a time was Just a Bit More Ultimate than John Mendoza's "Ultimate Torn & Restored Card, a torn and restored card effect where a card is signed on both sides and after restoring the card, you're clean. I think both effects are worth the extra ten bucks you would spend over the stand-alone DVD that only features a single trick.

No Hard Feelings

By the way, Williams admits that he doesn't actually hate David Copperfield, he's just jealous that hasn't been able to land a super model ala Copperfield.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $20

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