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Woody Aragon's "The Bumblebees"

Woody Aragon's "The Bumblebees"


Woody Aragon's
Here’s a comedy card routine that’s apparently an award winner. It’s a packet style card trick that relies on cards with pictures of bumblebees on them. With this effect, Woody Aragón won first prize at the International Day of Magic in London in 2011.

The effect is basically an assembly-style trick with cards that depict bumblebees on them in place of the usual four aces. Also, there’s a fun kicker at the trick’s end.

Eight cards are brought out and three are shown to be blank-faced cards and four are shown to have cartoon-style bumblebees printed on them. One bumblebee card is laid down on the table with three blank-faced cards and the remaining three bumble bee cards are laid down separately behind them. From here, the bumblebees on the three separate cards vanish. Of course, spectators will conclude that they have gathered with the front bumblebee.However, the magician smashes the four cards in front and when they’re turned over, they have pictures of squashed bees on them.

The kit comes with special gaffed cards and a DVD with detailed instructions. While there are no overly difficult moves, but you will need a foundation in essential card sleight of hand and the routine is a complex one that will require memorization and practice.

There’s a great bit where the cards appear to “fly” towards their target destination. This one requires a table and is probably best performed while seated. The cards are quality ones that are printed on Bicycle backs. And this one can be performed with music, with, what else? “The Flight of the Bumblebee.” And the DVD comes with a recording so you can “practice” with it.

Almost every card magician has experimented with an ace assembly-style trick. But “The Bumblebees” not only offers a fun variation with a whimsical theme, there’s that kicker ending that is completely unexpected. This one is good.

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