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Two by Woody Aragon: "The Card Puzzle" and "The Bumblebees"


Two by Woody Aragon:
The brilliant Woody Aragon offers two marketed card effects: “The Card Puzzle” and “The Bumblebees.”

The Card Puzzle
Here’s a nice card trick with a fun and bewildering revelation. It’s essentially a “pick a card and I’ll identify and find it” effect, but the props are intriguing and the card trick itself is self-working and easy to learn and perform.

You bring out a deck of cards and allow one to be freely selected and laid face down on the table. At this point, the spectator does not know the identify of the selected card.

You next bring out a packet of cards that are actually quarter pieces of various jumbo playing cards (jumbo cards that have been cut into four pieces). The “quarters” are shuffled by the spectator and laid out onto the table. The spectator freely selects four “quarters” (it’s a free choice). Amazingly, when the four pieces are turned over, they form a single card. And surprise of all surprises, when the face down card that’s been sitting on the table is turned over, it’s shown to match the newly formed jumbo card.

This is a complete self-working trick. The first part, the selection of the playing card is easily accomplished with the use of the gimmicked deck that comes in the kit. The selection of the four quarters looks fair, but the process that’s taught always results in the same card being formed each time. The kit comes with the quartered jumbo cards and the special deck. This close-up card trick requires a table.

Admittedly, while the process of selecting “quarters” is easy and requires no sleight of hand, it will take some time to gain confidence in it. It’s one of those processes that somehow works and the only way to be comfortable with it is to experiment and practice it.

Overall, this is a good trick that offers first rate interaction with a spectator and a fairly surprising finish. It’s definitely different.

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