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Exchange by Wayne Dobson


Exchange by Wayne Dobson

Exchange by Wayne Dobson

This is a simple effect with a rather naughty-theme that can be fine for the right performer and audience. The interaction is based on something of a mis-communication where the spectator is thinking of an innocent activity but the line of questioning from the performer seems to indicate another with hilarious results.

You bring out some cards (not playing cards) that each display activities that one does during a normal day: run, sleep, eat, laugh, walk, etc... You explain that a spectator’s body language will respond to one of these activities and allow his or her mind to be read. The cards are mixed and the spectator selects one of the cards. The magician then makes a prediction that he writes on a board for the audience to see.

The magician’s prediction touts an intimate activity while the spectator is thinking of another. And based on the suggestive line of questioning, the disconnect between the spectator’s activity and the one that the performer has written down allows for lots of funny byplay. It’s a great routine with lots of audience interaction and with the right audience - picture a comedy showroom that’s open to blue humor - it can play very strong. In this type of effect, the magic mystery is secondary to the impact of the presentation. Perhaps the way most magic effects should play.

The kit comes with high quality plastic cards that should be durable and a DVD that presents a real world performance and provides instructions. The effect is not difficult to learn and perform as the cards do most of the heavy lifting. You will have to provide your own board upon which to write the prediction. From here, it’s all presentation. The DVD also teaches a routine for close-up.

While I like this one, I think that magicians have to also be careful with it. With the right entertainer and crowd this one can be very funny. But magicians need to understand that just because it’s funny on video, the routine may not work with their persona or stage presence. But if you tend toward edgy humor, this one can be great.

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