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The Big Revelation and Exchange by Wayne Dobson


The Big Revelation and Exchange by Wayne Dobson

The Big Revelation

The Big Revelation

Here’s a card trick with a good double card prediction that relies completely on a prop that comes with the kit. The effect appears to allow for two free choices of a playing card, but the magician, with the help of the props and some outs, will able to seemingly know or predict both choices.

In the basic routine, you ask a spectator to think of a card in the deck and there’s no force of any kind that’s used here. At this point, you employ the effect’s prop, a folded poster that you unfold to display different revelations or gags. The first page shows different card values (with no suits) which you ask the spectator to look over. After some brief questioning, you will know the value of the thought of card.

The next pages reveal comical predictions that employ well known but proven gags (we’ve probably all used them at one time or another). While you are still pretending to reveal the spectator’s thought-of card, the final page shows a number of cards (“Is it one of these?”). But at the end of this phase, you can name the card.

In the second phase, you again show the picture of various and random playing cards and asks a second spectator to think of one that they see. You then name the card or show that you correctly predicted it.

”Big Revelation” is not hard to learn and perform as the folded poster does most of the work for you. Since there are no forces, the prop relies on a mathematical method to derive the first card that is not tedious and only requires some simple addition on your part. And the second phase is quite simple and straightforward.

The accompanying DVD teaches you everything that you need to know and offers some great variations, although there was one performance by Mark James that wasn’t fully explained, but easily figured out. Another plus, this effect can work well in close-up as well as in stand up. The prop is a high quality, full color one that’s made of a durable paper that should last through lots of performances.

This effect has it all. Lots of opportunities for interaction with spectators; there’s little to no reset, depending on the version that you perform and there’s built-in humor. This one is different from your standard card effect and it’s good.

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