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Magic With Rings: "Ring to Walnut"


Magic With Rings:

John Shyrock's "Ring to Walnut"

Two new routines on the market employ finger rings. John Shyrock’s “Ring in Walnut” offers a bewilding finger ring to impossible location (a version of which was performed by Steve Cohen on the David Letterman Show). Meanwhile, David Jay’s Ringmaster offers a sequence of vanishes and fast productions with a finger ring. Both are first rate close-up effects.

Ring In Walnut by John Shryock
In a classic plot of borrowed finger ring that travels to an impossible place, John Shyrock offers a great routine where a finger ring ends up, against seemingly all odds, inside of a walnut. According to the ad copy, Shyrock has been performing this one in his act for almost 15 years and it’s one of his signature routines. I found it to be simply brilliant.

To start, you bring out a lemon and place it onto the table. You then borrow a finger ring from a spectator and place it into a “protective” bag. With an assurance that the bag will protect the ring, you bring out a hammer and slam it down onto the bag, apparently crushing the ring inside - a funny, comedy moment. When the bag is opened, there are crushed nuts that are strewn onto the table.

You direct attention towards the lemon that has been sitting on the table and then cut it open it with a knife - removing the peel in a spiral fashion. Within the lemon, you find an egg. You crack open the egg and within is found a walnut. You bring out a nutcracker and crack open the walnut, and the borrowed finger ring is found within. The effect is baffling as the lemon has been sitting out in plain view since the beginning of the trick. The handling is efficient and there are no difficult moves, but you will have to act boldly. And at the end, you’re clean. Once the spectator receives back her ring, there’s nothing to find.

As you would expect, there’s a lot of preparation with the walnut, egg and lemon to properly gimmick them. To prepare them, you will have to use sharp objects and hammers, as well as glue. And preparing the lemon and egg is a messy job. To do this effect, be prepared to get your hands covered with lemon juice. Also, you’ll need a nutcracker, hammer and a few more fairly low-cost props. On the DVD, Shyrock offers thorough instructions as well as lots of advice.

I can’t praise this one enough. The method is brilliant and hard to detect, and the plot with the lemon, egg and walnut is fantastic. If you want a winner and can put up with the considerable preparation, definitely try this one out. It’s epic.

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