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Health Benefits of Juggling


In addition to being an inexpensive and fun hobby, juggling may actually be good for you. In fact, in two ways: mentally and physically.

While those who don’t juggle may be surprised, hobbyists who juggle often do so to relax. To non-jugglers, all that tossing and picking-up may seem frustrating, however, juggling requires a certain mind set and focus on the task at hand that can make a person forget about problems at work or the bad day that they have had. The state is known as “relaxed concentration.”

Brain Power
It’s been proven that reading, crossword puzzles and other mentally challenging activities are good for the brain, but juggling also makes the list of brain beneficial activities. In 2004, a report from Germany’s University of Regensberg indicated that juggling increases the area of the brain that is associated with visual motion functions. This was proven through a study of 24 beginners, half of who began juggling and continued to do so for three months.

The second benefit of juggling is physical. The practice of juggling improves the body’s timing and rhythm, as well as peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination and visual reaction time. It’s the reason why lots of coaches recommend that their athletes take up juggling.

And juggling is a physical activity. With all of the tossing and catching, and yes, picking up, you can burn some calories.

To my knowledge, there are no downsides to juggling. So if you’re looking for a low-cost activity that can work your brain, encourage you to focus and relax and improve your coordination and timing, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to start.

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