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Magic Tricks for Kids


Among the many easy magic tricks that I teach here at Magic.About.com, there are many that I feel are particularly good for young kids to learn and perform. In general, the magic tricks have to be easy understand, simple to learn and perform and employ materials that kids and parents have around the house. So here, in my opinion, are the best easy magic tricks for kids. Before you purchase a magic kit, save the money and try the tricks here instead.

1. Easy Magic Trick: How to Levitate or Float a Playing Card

 Learn how to make a playing card float above your hand in this easy magic card trick. The magic happens courtesy of a gimmick that I teach you how to make. Happy flying.

2. Magic Tricks for Kids: The Magnetic Pencil

In this easy magic trick, a pencil mysteriously adheres to your hand, almost as if it is magnetic. Best of all, the only object that you need is a pencil or pen.

3. Science Magic Tricks for Kids

Part magic trick and part science experiment, the magic tricks here are based on some scientific principle. Learn and perform the trick and explore a scientific principle.

4. The Floating or Levitating Cup

This is a first rate floating cup trick for beginners and kids. It all happens courtesy of a gimmicked cup that you can easily make and a bit of an illusion with your hands when you perform the trick. I offer instructions here.


5. The Jumping Paper Clips

This one is probably more of a stunt than a magic trick, but you tell spectators that you can cause two paper clips to mysteriously link and then jump - all without touching them. It’s all in the setup and I’ve seen five year old kids successfully perform this one.

6. Magic Tricks for Kids: The Clipped Card

This one is a challenge that’s based on an optical illusion. You will need five playing cards that you will effectively destroy. But this magic trick is a great one for kids and it’s worth it. Once you make it, kids can carry it around and perform it for a long time. 

7. Magic Tricks for Kids: The Necklace

A little harder because of the setup, in this magic trick, you cause three beads to apparently pass through the string that’s holding it. All you need are some beads and string. This one is best for older kids, say seven and up.

8. Magic Tricks for Kids: The Jumping Rubberband

Here’s a great trick that can be performed anywhere and all it takes is a rubber band. Kids will need some assistance learning this one, but once they’ve got it, they’ll have a great trick that they can demonstrate anytime that they come across a rubber band.

9. Easy Magic Tricks That Kids Can Craft

Looking for some craft projects for the kids? How about some crafts that allow the kids to create magic tricks? If so, you’ll find them in this collection.

10. Magic Tricks for Kids: The Rubber Pencil

In this magic trick, a pencil is shown to be solid but then appears to be made of rubber - it looks like it’s bending. It’s all thanks to an optical illusion and all you need for this one is a pencil or pen.

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