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Easy Magic Tricks For Kids With Coins


Here are the best easy magic tricks with coins that are perfect for kids. These coin tricks are easy to learn and perform. Some do require props that are easy to make from common materials found around the house.

1. The Mysterious Coin Vanish

In this easy magic trick, a coin vanish, a coin is placed into a handkerchief where it mysteriously disappears. Kids can perform this one just about anytime, anywhere. All kids need are a quarter and a handkerchief, and that special secret. 

2. Seeing With Your Fingers

In this easy magic trick, kids have a spectator randomly select a coin from several that are in a bag or bowl. With a marker, the spectator writes his initials on the coin. The spectator concentrates on the coin for a few seconds and places it with the others inside of the bowl. Without looking, you kids able to immediately reach into the bowl and pull out the selected and marked coin.

3. Magic Coin Dish

The Magic Coin Dish offers a way to magically multiply money. In the trick, kids have a spectator carefully count several coins into a dish, which are poured back into the hands of the kid magician. When the kid magician opens his or her hand, there are more coins then originally counted.

4. The Book Bet

Seemingly multiply your money with The Book Bet. Here a spectator counts several coins onto the pages of an opened book. When the coins are poured back into the hands of the kid magician, the number of coins has mysteriously increased.

5. Vanishing a Coin With Rings

In this easy magic trick, kids show two rings, a playing card and a coin that are sitting on a piece of paper. The rings and playing card are stacked on top of the coin. When a ring and the card are removed, the coin has completely vanished.

<p>Instead of the heavy rings that I have used in the pictures, you can use inexpensive plastic bracelets found at a local dollar store.

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