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Easy Magic Card Tricks for Kids


With just a deck of cards, a kid can quickly learn and perform one of our easy magic tricks with playing cards. Here are the best easy magic tricks with playing cards that are perfect for kids. 

1. Easy Magic Tricks for Kids: The Clipped Card

In the "Clipped Card," kids show a spectator five cards and ask them to remember the position of the middle card (queen). Kids turn around the five cards and ask the spectator to clip the middle card (queen) using a paper clip. Most spectators will clip the middle card.

<p>But when kids turn the cards around, kids show that their paper clip is nowhere near the queen. It's a fun exercise in perception and can act as an introduction to a card trick or an effect where kids explain the difference between illusion and reality. 

2. Easy Magic Tricks for Kids: Incredible Spelling

In this easy magic trick, kids take a packet of cards that contains the ace through king of a single suit, and by simply spelling the name of each card (ace, two, three...etc), kids reveal each card in order. The kicker is that kids are placing the in-between cards back underneath the pile. It’s a fairly impressive mathematical stunt that is fun to learn and perform. 

3. Easy Magic Tricks for Kids: The Nine- or 21-Card Trick

By simply dealing cards, kids can figure out a spectator's chosen card. This is a well known magic trick with playing cards that has been simplified for kids.

4. Easy Magic Tricks for Kids: World's Best Easy Card Trick

This is a basic "find a card" trick. However, there's no preparation and kids can use any deck of cards.

5. Easy Magic Trick for Kids: The Magnetic Hand

In this mysterious trick, kids somehow cause several playing cards to adhere their hands as if they were magnetic. This one takes some preparation ahead of time, but the results are well worth it.

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