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Magic Tricks for Kids


Magic Tricks for Kids
Here at Magic.About.com, I feature comprehensive collections of easy magic tricks (please click here), and a subset of these I consider appropriate for kids (please click here to visit the collection of kid-friendly magic tricks). But why do I feel that only certain, select magic tricks are appropriate for kids? I’ll explain in this story. By the way, there’s also a difference between magic tricks that adults can learn and perform for kids, and those that are for kids to learn and perform. Here, I’m focusing on magic tricks for kids to learn.

Excellent magic tricks for kids to learn and perform have strengths in the following areas: 1) they are easy to understand, 2) they are easy to learn and perform, and 3) they employ objects found around the house or props that are easy to make.

Easy to Understand
For kids, the plot of a magic trick has to be straight-forward and easy to understand: a pencil mysteriously sticks to one’s hand, two paper clips jump from a dollar bill, a bead disappears, water turns to ice and more. The trick isn’t about predicting something in the future or trying to locate a playing card (you’ll notice that there are no card tricks, although I do have a section dedicated to card tricks that are appropriate for older kids (please click here).

Easy to Learn and Perform
Despite the mantra that all magicians need to rehearse and practice a trick before performing it, kids generally lack the discipline to spend time, if any, working a trick up. For most young kids, once they understand the secret, in their minds the trick is effectively ready to be performed. This is why all of the magic tricks in my kid-friendly collection are easy to learn and perform. An enthusiastic kid can pretty much read the secret or have a grown-up explain it, and they’re ready to go. Again, I don’t recommend that magicians of any age take a trick and immediately present it, but hey, who am I squelch the enthusiasm of a youngster? This is why I’ve created the collection of kid-appropriate tricks.

Employs Objects Found Around the House or Props That Are Easy to Make
While I do have a section that talks about great props to buy for kids that are low cost and meet the criteria that I’ve outlined in this article (please click here), when recommending kid-friendly tricks, I want them to employ objects that most kids have ready access to. Thus, you’ll notice that the magic tricks employ pencils, paper, envelopes and more. And going a step further, I have a section that talks about simple magic props that kids can make out of common materials, which creates something of a craft project for parents and their young kids (please click here).

In any event, I hope that on this site, you’ll find some great magic tricks for kids that meet all of my criteria to assist that budding Harry Potter or Merlin (please click here to visit the collection of kid-friendly magic tricks).

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