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Easy Card Magic Tricks - The Count


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The Count Card Magic Trick - Introduction
Easy Card Magic Tricks - The Count

The Count Card Magic Trick - Introduction

Among easy close-up card magic tricks for beginners, this one is among the finest. You can use any deck of cards, just as long as it has all of its cards, and this one is baffling as well as easy to learn and perform. What makes this effect stand apart from other easy card magic tricks is that the handling on the part of the magician is minimal (you won't need any sleight of hand or complicated moves) and the spectator practically finds the card himself.

You can watch me perform the trick for some college students here.

Effect: In this easy magic trick, a spectator freely selects a card and loses it in the deck. The spectator cuts the deck to further mix the cards. At some point, you tell the spectator to stop cutting the deck and count down a certain number of cards from the top. When the spectator does so, the card at the number you specified is the spectator’s chosen card.

If you would like to read my psychology and approach to performing "The Count" card magic trick by analyzing my performance on video, you can, here.

Materials: A deck of playing cards.

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