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Twisting the Aces - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Definition: “Twisting the aces” is a well known magic effect with playing cards that is attributed to Dai Vernon. In the classic plot, you show four playing cards, ...
Balloons for Balloon Animals - Magic & Illusion - About.com
When you perform balloon twisting, spectators will often ask if you are using special balloons. The answer is "yes." While you can go to your local drugstore or  ...
Basics of How to Make Balloon Animals - Magic & Illusion - About.com
If you're getting started in balloon twisting and making balloon animals, here's everything that you need to learn, as well as instructions on how to make the best  ...
What is a Legal Twisting Dive? - Diving - About.com
So the question comes up, how do you score a twisting dive? Really what this question boils down to is, what constitutes a fail dive when a diver under, or over  ...
Twisting Lower Back Stretch - Pilates - About.com
May 1, 2014 ... How To Do a Gentle, Reclined, Twisting Back Stretch. By Marguerite Ogle. Pilates Expert. Share this. Pilates Categories. About the Pilates ...
Controlling the Somersault in Twisters - Diving - About.com
With twisting dives, the usual cause for this glitch is the lack of attention paid to the somersault. While the focus of twisters, hence the name “twisters,” is the twist,  ...
moose reindeer balloon animal twisting - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Twisting a Giraffe Balloon Animal - How to Twist a Giraffe Balloon Animal · Dog Balloon Animal - How to Make a Dog Balloon Animal.
Fail Dives and Twisters - How to Avoid Failing a Twisting Dive ...
How to avoid fail dives during the twisting round in diving.
Pumps for Balloon Animals - Magic & Illusion - About.com
If you're getting into balloon twisting and animals, you'll want to invest in a good pump, as well as quality balloons. Somehow, you have to inflate your balloons ...
Twisting a Giraffe Balloon Animal - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Twisting a giraffe balloon animal is very similar to making the basic dog balloon. In fact, a giraffe, in the balloon world, is pretty much just a dog balloon with a ...
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