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Easy Magic Tricks - Magic & Illusion - About.com
If you're a beginner and want to learn easy magic tricks, you've come to right place.
Easy Magic Tricks for Kids - Magic & Illusion - About.com
For kids who want to be magicians and perform magic tricks, here's a collection of easy magic tricks that are especially for kids and children. The easy magic ...
Easy Magic Trick: The Escaping Rings - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Here's a good and easy magic trick for beginners and kids that uses items found around the house. And if you can't find enough finger rings, you can use ...
Simple Tricks for Beginners: Our Favorites - Magic & Illusion - About ...
If you want to pursue magic, you'll want to learn some simple tricks. Here at Magic & Illusion, we ... 38 Easy Magic Tricks for Beginners and Kids · Balloon Dog ...
Easy Magic Tricks Coin Through Table - Magic & Illusion - About.com
In this easy magic trick, you cause a coin to somehow pass through the top of a table.
Easy Magic Tricks: The Rising Card - Method 2 - Magic & Illusion
In this classic trick, you have a spectator select a card and then lose it in the deck. You place the deck into its box and the spectator's card mysteriously rises out ...
Easy Magic Tricks: The Card Divination - Magic & Illusion - About.com
When the assistant eventually points at the six of hearts, he will touch the pip that corresponds to the location of the chosen card on the table. For example, if the ...
Mind Reading and "Dark" Magic Tricks - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Here's a great easy magic trick to perform at a party. You ask someone to select an item while you're out of the room, tell everyone else which item was selected ...
Easy Magic Tricks: Ten Card Poker - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Using only ten playing cards, in this easy magic trick, you deal two hands of poker and win three times in a row. This is a classic and if you like this trick, we offer ...
Easy Magic Tricks - Telephone Predictor - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Here's one of those mathematical oddities that somewhat masquerades as a magic trick.
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