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The World's Greatest Easy Card Trick - Magic & Illusion - About.com
I've looked at a lot of easy card tricks and I think that this one is the best. I've never seen it published anywhere, but I learned it when I was about nine.
The Best of the Easy Card Tricks - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Among the many card magic tricks that we have explained in our library of easy tricks, here are my favorites, along with instructions for what I consider to be the ...
Easy Magic Card Tricks for Kids - Magic & Illusion - About.com
With just a deck of cards, a kid can quickly learn and perform one of our easy magic tricks with playing cards. Here are the best easy magic tricks with playing ...
Review of Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2
Here's a first rate collection of card tricks that require no sleight of hand or moves. They're all based on clever methods that are hidden in the dealing, counting, ...
Easy Magic Tricks With Playing Cards - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Want to perform easy magic tricks with playing cards? With just a deck of cards, you have lots of magic options. Among the many card tricks that we have ...
Easy Magic Card Tricks: The Rising Card
In this classic easy magic trick, you have a spectator select a card and then lose it in the deck. You rest your first finger on top of the deck and as you lift your ...
Easy Magic: The Nine- or 21-Card Trick - Magic & Illusion - About.com
This well known sequence allows a person to discover a spectator's card simply by dealing cards. Simply follow the instructions. If you like, you may adapt this ...
Guide to Packet Card Tricks - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Here's a guide to some of the many packet card tricks on the market. Are they worth the money? Read our reviews and find out.
Shuffling the Deck for Card Tricks and Illusions - Magic & Illusion
If you're performing card magic tricks, you'll want to know how to perform a basic shuffle. Learn this shuffle and follow it with the bridge, and you'll have a flashy ...
Card Magic Tricks: The Basic Effects - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Beyond merely stating that "card magic tricks" are magic tricks or effects that employ playing cards, the genre, thanks to generations of clever and innovative ...
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