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Wayne Kawamoto

Holiday Gift Guide/Wish List 2012

By December 7, 2012

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So everyone knows that you're thinking about magic 24/7 and a trick, DVD or book would make the perfect gift for you. Or perhaps you have a conjuror that you need to buy for on your gift list. Either way, here's my take on the best and brightest products that would be welcome by any magician this holiday season.

DVDs and Books
If you've got a magician on your list who is just starting out, the perfect gift may a DVD from the "Essentials in Magic" series. Taught by Daryl, each DVD (sold separately), offers in-depth instruction on a basic magic prop. I've reviewed exceptional titles in this series that cover linking rings and the Svengali Deck. But there are others that talk about cups and ball and more. I wish that these titles existed when I was starting out in magic. These are perfect for beginners.

One of my favorite DVDs is The Multiple Revelation Project by Andi Gladwin and Rob James. This title shows how to perform a multiple card selection and revelation routine and it's filled with excellent advice. The instruction will not only teach the said, namesake routine, but can offer just about any magician new moves for his or her basic card work. You can read my review here.

Most magicians are intrigued by marked cards. And for this, there's the GT Speedreader DVD. You can read my review here. Other standout titles include: Nine of Diamonds, Making the Cut by Ryan Schlutz, The Treachery of Tricks by Francis Menotti, Squeak Technique by Jeff McBride, More Power to You: The Very Best of David Acer, Elements by Lance Pierce and Archer's Essential Magic Classics.

One by Matthew Underhill offers an intriguing take on classic "Anniversary Waltz" that's been combined with a moving pip effect on a playing card. And you get to give this unusually altered card to spectators as a souvenir. You can read my review here.

Here's a card trick that I've been performing regularly in my restaurants, Ambideckstrous by Jonathan Pickard. It's been getting great reactions and it's not that hard to learn and perform. You can read my review here.

For those into coins, Garrett Thomas is offering a new take on "Karate Coin" with his Profile/Skewer. In particular, there's an impressive effect where the 3D sculpted image of John F. Kennedy pops out from an examined half dollar coin. You can read my review here.

Daryl's Audio Transposition is another fun effect that I've been performing in my restaurants. It's the hilarious story of a baby performing magic and not quite getting it right. You can read my review here.

It's not often that a device opens new realms for vanishing small objects and, at the same time, allows you to perform an uncanny signed card from a spectator's wallet. But the brilliant and innovative TKO 2.0 managed to accomplish both. You can read my review here.

It's the hottest product this holiday season and for good reason. The Spider Pen Pro not only offers new options for levitating small objects, it's disguised as an attractive pen that has form as well as function. You can read my review here.

Another cool magic product that will appeal to the "James Bond" side of every magician is The Cooler. This slick device offers a fun new way to switch a deck. You can read my review here. And don't forget David Penn's Executive Wallet to perform a killer card to wallet. And his DVD teaches an excellent card routine for workers.


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