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Steve Cohen's "Lost Magic Decoded" to Air October 18

By October 9, 2012

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Star of his own exclusive "Chamber Magic" at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City, Steve Cohen is known as the "Millionaire's Magician."  alt=But on his upcoming television special on the History Channel, he trades in his tailcoat for traveling clothes and tracks down legendary magic tricks and adapts and performs them for modern audiences.

According to Cohen's blog, in "Lost Magic Decoded," "Steve Cohen tracks down, decodes, and resurrects some of the most thrilling and terrifying magic effects ever witnessed. Magic has a secret history, and it takes an insider like Cohen to gain access to the ancient incantations, secret sorcery, and mysterious contraptions that have shocked audiences for centuries. Can their secrets somehow be rediscovered? And can they thrill and shock today's audiences like they once did?"

The show will feature such notable illusions in history such as: "The Turk", a magical wooden man who baffled the world with his chess playing skills in the eighteenth century; Robert Houdin's "Light and Heavy Chest," which discouraged a revolt in the French colony of Algeria; "The Indian Rope Trick," in which a boy climbs a rope and vanishes; and the "Bullet Catch," which has taken the lives of 12 magicians.

The show will air on October 18th, 9-11pm on the History Channel.

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October 16, 2012 at 10:58 am
(1) John Gordon - MagicWorks says:


There’s a LOT of publicity over Steve’s History Channel program ….. but sadly it’s not being shown on that channel here in the UK.

It’s really annoying when promoters, reviewers etc fail to check the regions and only acknowledge their own location, making all others feel as though they are excluded for some reason. Surely any media with a fully international audience should be aware of regional differences and address this constantly.



October 16, 2012 at 1:26 pm
(2) Armando says:

John said:

“Itís really annoying when promoters, reviewers etc fail to check the regions and only acknowledge their own location, making all others feel as though they are excluded for some reason.”

That is precisely the fun of it! HA HA HA!!

November 20, 2012 at 10:14 am
(3) DJS/876 says:

I watched Steve’s attempt of the bullet catch trick and was seriously disappointed. He makes a major firearm function mistake while performing. First he has the “shooter” fire one round striking a vase with flowers in it. He then has a the shooter remove the magazine and take the top bullet out of the magazine. He then has a “random” audience member sign the bullet. The bullet is then placed back in the magazine and the magazine is inserted into the Glock pistol. The problem is the slide on the pistol remains forward the entire time. After the magazine is inserted with the “marked” round the shooter never charges the weapon or removes the round that would already be in the chamber after the pistol cycled when the shooter fired at the vase. The shooter would have had to fire a second time to get the so called “signed or marked” bullet through the pistol. For all the effort Steve put into this trick and the shooter who has fired over 300,000 rounds through a Glock pistol (as claimed on air by the shooter). You would think one of them would have realized this. Firearms 101 gentleman….try harder next time.

September 13, 2013 at 12:40 am
(4) Ron says:

What an insult.
First off NO mention of Penn & Teller when they list people who have done the Bullet Catch Trick. WHAT?? They only do it 5 nights a week in Vegas!
But good OL’ David Blaine gets a nod on the chalk board though.
Also…dude really….come on employ better people.
The “expert” with the Glock…yeah right. It needed to be racked in order to put the signed round in the chamber. This should have been thought of.
And finally…something did clip Mr. Cohen & it was indeed a surprise to him when it did. Pretty funny actually. He hired a dip sh!t to shoot him AND HE DID! Squib round or blank with wax tip or whatever but something for sure hit Mr. Cohen and he did not like it much. A testament to the lack of knowledge of most involved. He obviously had a copy of the “fan” marked bullet in his mouth the whole time but should have had his “expert” indeed shoot a live round thru the glass & past his head. Effect given, “trick” appears somewhat valid. But he wussed out & or the “expert” was a lousy shot & in fact tagged him with “whatever” was indeed loaded in the chamber of the G19.
Just saying…go big or go home. You were on TV for Chr!st’s sake. Spend a few more minutes and a few more bucks to proof read the gig more.
I have been on stage for the Penn & Teller bullet catch 3 times AND am a Federal Firearms Dealer and I still have no idea how they do it. It’s THAT GOOD OF A TRICK. This was embarrassing and Cohen got tagged by something that I assure you was NOT a piece of glass.

November 24, 2013 at 6:02 pm
(5) adam says:

i never saw the shooter work the slide on the glock. the round is not even in the chamber. i don’t believe people get live rounds shot at their faces, but a pro has got to eliminate obvious tells like that.

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