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Review of "Sanchez Fly" by David Gabbay

By August 21, 2012

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"Sanchez Fly" is David Gabbay's excellent handling of the well known "Three-Fly" "coins across" routine. In the effect, three coins that are held in your one hand, vanish, one by one, and appear in your other. Gabbay's use of a common coin gimmick makes his routine direct and with no extraneous motions. While you're dirty after the last phase, Gabbay offers a clean-up to freely display the coins in your hands at the end. You look, for all practical purposes, clean. One more advantage, this one instantly resets so it's great for strolling situations.

"Sanchez Fly" has the advantages and disadvantages of most "Three-Fly" routines. Because the action happens with your hands held up at chest level, it's generally easier for spectators, whether they are seated or standing, to view the action when compared to performing a "Winged Silver" style "coins across" at waist level. "Three-Fly" is practical in restaurant situations where spectators are seated and you are performing standing. On the downside, particularly in street situations, you can't have spectators behind you.

Gabbay's routine, while it's not a knuckle-buster, will require a good amount of practice. On the DVD, Gabbay does a good job of teaching the moves from various angles as well as explaining the routine. You'll need a foundation in coin magic before tackling it. In particular, the final move is somewhat tricky. The move isn't overly difficult, but relies on the moisture in your fingers to execute - something that takes practice and an ability to adapt to conditions. I've gotten consistent at executing it but have not yet tried it out during a real performance.

The DVD states that the routine employs a common coin gimmick that most magicians already own. My guess, however, is that most magicians probably own the gimmick in a half-dollar size with only a segment owning it in a silver dollar version. Gabbey performs with silver dollars, but from what I gather, the effect could be performed with half-dollars. The DVD could offer further discussion on the types of coins as well as their condition.

Just about every DVD on coin magic features a version of a "three-fly" style routine. I've seen many and Gabbay's version has a direct nature to it that I appreciate.

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