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Now Look Here by Chad Long

By June 18, 2012

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I've been performing this close-up card effect all weekend and it's been getting fantastic responses - just as I had anticipated. It's a dizzying, three-phased effect where you are apparently about to reveal a spectator's selected card, but you continually redirect the audience's attention and cause cards to seemingly change. This one is great.

Here's how the effect plays. A card is selected and lost in the deck and you say that you're about to reveal the card. But when you turn over the "selected card," it says to "look in my pocket." When you bring out a playing card from your pocket that spectator's assume will be their card, it says "look on the table." And when the spectators look at the card on the table, it says to "look in my hand." There, in your hand, you'll be holding the selected card. This one has lots of audience interaction and built-in entertainment value.

"Now Look Here" comes with three special cards (red Bicycle backs) and you will need to provide your own deck. You'll need some fundamental sleight of hand skills that are possessed by anyone who is serious about card work. The Scotty York handling that is taught on the accompanying DVD is slightly easier, and the Chad Long handling requires one additional move that many magicians fear, but the routine provides plenty of cover and misdirection. This one is not difficult but I recommend it for intermediate and above card handlers. For background, Long teaches fundamental sleights on the DVD.

"Now Look Here" is great for strolling and walk around. Angles are wide and you can perform this one surrounded and under almost any condition. Only requirement is that because of the card that tells spectators to "look on the table," you will need a small portion of a table surface - just a spot to rest a single playing card.

This one is fantastic. I've only been working this one for three days and already, in my mind, it's a proven winner that I'm going to constantly use. Every group of spectators loved it.

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January 1, 2013 at 6:57 pm
(1) Magic Norm says:

Chad Long is amazing! Thanks for the review – It was very helpful and clear. I will get this trick soon. Thanks!

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